Document Type : Case Report


Department of Emergency Medicine, Pushpagiri Medical College Hospital, Thiruvalla, Kerala, India


Traumatic spinal epidural hematoma (TSEH) is a neurosurgical emergency which is considered as one of the rare causes of back pain. The onset of symptoms presentation can vary especially following a trauma. Here, we report a case where a young girl had a trivial fall and presented symptoms of back pain three days later. She developed abrupt onset of lower limb weakness during her stay in the emergency department (ED). X-ray and computed tomography (CT) imaging of the spine did not show any obvious abnormality whereas, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) imaging revealed hyper-intense lesions in the thoracic spinal segment which led to the diagnosis of TSEH. Our case highlights the importance of the atypical and varied nature of presentation and the choice of investigation which would help in the early diagnosis of this entity.


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