Document Type : Case Report


1 Emergency Medicine Department, Fujairah Hospital, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

2 Department of Internal Medicine, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan


Objective: Renal infarction which is a rare phenomenon can be missed on the patient’s work up making its incidence low.
Case Presentation: We report a 68-year-old lady with known history of hypertension presented with epigastric pain and vomiting for 4 days. During her stay in the emergency room, she developed sudden onset of left-sided weakness. Electrocardiogram was normal sinus rhythm. Computed tomography scan of the abdomen showed acute pancreatitis with partial impingement of superior mesenteric vein.
Conclusion: Imaging s showed cholelithiasis without evidence of cholecystitis and lower pole right renal infarct likely secondary to obstruction of the right lower renal artery due to calcified plaques at their origin from the aorta. Subsequently, the patient was kept on antiplatelets and planned for discharge uneventfully.


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